The Originals Pack

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In honor of our 23rd birthday, La Colombe put together this bundle of our first 3 coffees: Corsica, Nizza and Phocea. These delicious blends have stood the test of time and are still our top selling coffees 23 years later.

Get your hands on these La Colombe originals and celebrate with us! 🎂

Corsica: a coffee you know and love, with deep, dark chocolate tones and a bold coffee flavor. Named for an ancient island in the Mediterranean, Corsica’s cocoa notes pair beautifully with milk or stand alone, making it the perfect filter coffee for a fulfilling morning and is the blend we offer on drip in all our cafes. 

Nizza: a medium roast blend that hits at the heart of sweet. It’s named for the city of Nice, France, hometown of our co-founder JP and home to some of the best honey in the world. True to its name, this coffee exemplifies a honey-sweet, roasted nuttiness. It’s one of our longstanding favorites, and the coffee we use for espresso in all La Colombe cafes.

Phocea: a journey of spices, flavors, ideas, Phocea was inspired by the French city Marseille, which historically stood as the European entryway on the spice trail from Africa. With a roasty flavor and just a hint of black pepper, this brew is a gateway to new coffee experiences. 

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