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The Story: What is Draft Latte

Before today, if you wanted an iced latte, you’d have to steam the milk and cool it down over ice.
Those days are over.

Groundbreaking Design

It’s the first-ever crafted café-style latte in a can, complete with a layer of frothed milk.
Our groundbreaking, pressurized can (Innovalve™) froths the ingredients when you crack it open. 
Draft Latte is made with real ingredients like nutrient-rich hormone-free milk and cold-pressed espresso.
A cup of Draft Latte

Naturally Sweet & Caffeinated

Low calorie because we use the natural sweetness of the milk.
Sip-Through Lid is custom molded for a better mouthfeel.
Lactose free for everyone to enjoy.

How It’s Made

  1. Ingredients

    Ingredients matter so we use specialty beans – never instant – and hormone–free milk.
  2. Flavor

    Flavor matters so we use dark chocolate, natural maple vanilla, and cold-pressed espresso.
  3. Texture

    Authentic crafted texture matters, so we spared no detail in making a true café-style beverage.
  4. Innovation

    Ingenuity matters, so we developed the groundbreaking Innovalve™ can that combines milk and coffee in a way that was previously thought to be impossible.