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This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions you agree to by entering a vote or submission through the Craft the Next Draft campaign on www.LaColombe.com. This page has been created to permit any valid users or consumers to enter votes or submissions directly to La Colombe. Our terms and conditions must be read and accepted to have your vote or submission be considered valid.

New ideas, innovations and/or products that are new come from employees at La Colombe. While we appreciate all outside submissions and/or ideas, most are already accessible to us and noted in our files for the purpose of further research and development or have already been eliminated as potential next steps.

Your entered vote or submission through this page will be added to our extensive list of Flavor Suggestions. This database is reviewed by only staff at La Colombe. If we decide to use an idea similar to an entered vote or submission by you, we may, but are not obligated to, offer a recompense for your efforts or recognition. This decision will be at La Colombe's volition.

By entering a vote or submission to La Colombe’s Craft the Next Draft campaign, you are agreeing to comply and represent with the following:

  • Any entered vote or submission is not confidential.
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    • Any prize or recognition provided to you by La Colombe is accepted by you in full acknowledgment of your suggestion.
  • Any entered vote or submission must be submitted without any expectation or implied contract, other than this particular Agreement.
  • Any entered vote or submission must adhere to this Agreement and terms and conditions even if contradicted by La Colombe’s own general site-wide terms.

If you are unsure of whether, or how, your suggestion may be protected by law, we encourage you to seek legal advice from an attorney before any entered vote or submission.