Insider Gift Guide
Nick's Gift Guide
“In my Chemex at home, and at my restaurant Laurel, we are currently serving Ethiopian Ardi. It's really been an eye opener for me of what is possible with coffee. Recently I opened another restaurant, so things have been busy and I need to keep moving. This HydroFlask allows me to take my coffee on the-go and it keeps me fueled, so I can try to keep up with my staff!”
Josey's Gift Guide
“People always want to know what tools are required to make amazing coffee. Let’s start with the coffee. The Workshop line effortlessly highlights the influence of their origins. After that, all you need is right here in the Chemex bundle! A top-notch grinder, scale, brewing device, filters, and a kettle. Top it off with a Deruta Mug and you can transform your kitchen into a La Colombe satellite café.”
Melissa's Gift Guide
“I like to keep it easy when it comes to brewing coffee. I recently switched from a manual hand-grinder to an electric —and haven't looked back. For my kettles, I always choose electric over stovetop. The Bonavita is especially great because it shuts off automatically once it reaches its boiling point. When it comes to brewing I love the Hario V60. It’s perfect for single-cup pour-overs and super easy cleanup!”
Melissa's Gift Guide
“I love chocolate almost as much as I love coffee, so this Raaka + La Colombe collaboration definitely caught my eye! I am also a huge fan of the Draft Lattes, as I'm typically on-the-go and need something I can grab on my way out the door. Also, what's more appropriate for this season than peppermint mocha? When I am not on-the-go, I love my Deruta mug. It makes me feel like my home is a café.”
Sean's Gift Guide
“I am an enthusiast of art, good design, and my dog Bochy so it’s no wonder why I picked my favorite things. There is nothing like some new duds to put a pep in my pup’s step! The Miir Camp Mug is always clipped to my pack whether I’m at the cafe or on the trail. And the glass set is the perfect vessel for my favorite drinks – cortados and whiskey.”