La Colombe x The New Yorker
La Colombe x The New Yorker
La Colombe x The New Yorker
La Colombe x The New Yorker

Medium Roast

La Colombe x The New Yorker

Rich and rewarding, this popular medium roasted blend pairs perfectly with your morning read.

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12 oz
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Whole Bean


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Cocoa, Candied Walnuts, Nougat


Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Democratic Republic of the Congo

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About La Colombe x The New Yorker
Together we champion craft: from coffee to culture, from the culinary to the literary. With unmatched authenticity and taste, this comforting cup is our celebration, a reflection of decades of coffee and creativity from La Colombe and The New Yorker. Raise a mug and celebrate with us.

Excellent coffee has always gone hand in hand with an excellent read. That’s why we’re honored to bring together The New Yorker’s commitment to quality journalism with La Colombe’s commitment to making people happy with quality coffee. Welcome to where your intellectual itch meets your coffee fix.

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