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Barista Gift Guides



I'm a cartoonist, fueled by coffee & inspired by my coworkers

Position: Cafe Manager, Bryn Mawr, Philly

1. CHEMEX : It's an essential part of my morning (afternoon and evening) routine. No matter your skill level, the Chemex will make you feel like a super caffeinated scientist. Shop here

2. THREE AMERICAS PACK: Smooth, balanced, chocolaty, just the right amount of fruit, and floral flavors. This pack will open the door to a whole new world of coffees. Shop here

3. STAGG KETTLE: The ergonomic handle, a built-in thermometer, that matte black finish! Strictly on a design standpoint, I'm smitten, but then it adds perfect precision to your pour overs. Shop here


Cat lover, spontaneous traveler, Sci-Fi addict, & believes dessert should be served first.

Position: Cafe Manager, Manhattan Laundry, DC

1. THE DOVE T-SHIRT: Send a little love to someone this season with the softest t-shirt in town! These shirts are super comfortable and a fan favorite among baristas. La Colombe's nod to art and peace is a nice feature as well.Shop here

1. GLASS HANDLE CHEMEX: The Chemex is my favorite brewing device! I use mine to brew my coffee, batch sangria, decant wine, and I'll use it as a water pitcher or flower vase.Shop here

3. WORKSHOP GIFT SUBSCRIPTION: This gift set is an awesome holiday present, which keeps giving. This coffee subscription is a cool way to see the coffees La Colombe is really excited about! Shop here


Plotting to take over the world with unicorns & neon beaked toucans!

Position: Lead Barista, Noho, New York

1. GIFT CARD: Giving a gift card is the best coffee gift for anyone. If you go with a cafe gift card it's reloadable, you can either buy a drink or a bag of coffee. Or you can go with an online gift card, order some cool stuff that we don't offer in store and have it shipped! Shop here

2. DRAFT LATTE CANS: What better way to show love than gifting someone with a 4 pack of coffee? Tie a red bow over it and voilà! Tip: Draft Latte + Whiskey= Spectacular Holidays! Shop here

3. YAMA SILVERTON: This would be an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys making coffee or even tea! It is a full immersion pour over so you get a great polished drink and the chance of messing it up is slim; perfect for beginners to start practicing their pours! Shop here


Graphic Designer, singer, lover of murmurations & disliker of lackluster anything

Position: Barista, South Station, Boston

1. CAFFLANO PORTABLE POUROVER Portable. Easy. Utilitarian. This is as portable as coffee gets; it includes everything you need for making a pourover on the spot making it a wonderful gift for a traveler or adventurist!Shop here

2. HARIO BUONO KETTLE: Simple. Accommodating. The Hario Kettle is the ideal kettle for your daily pourover, French press, or even tea. It's gooseneck makes an elegant design and an easy-to—control pour. Shop here

3. LIMITED EDITION KEEPCUP: Pleasantly transparent. Reusable. Paper-saver. This is an exceptional item for those who bring their coffee with them on the go while doing the environment a favor! Shop here


I love drawing, collecting books I may or may not read, & endurance running in the winter

Position: Previously - Barista, Philly & Currently - Barista, Chicago

1. Art of Origin Prints: I'd like to think that really great artists steal from themselves and make nice prints of their own work. Certainly, that's what happened here. Immortalize your brew by adorning your home with lovely reminders of cups past.Shop here

2. Apolis Tote: Mankind has long toiled to perfect the method of transporting junk from point A to point B. This particular tote, reminiscent of the jute bag used to transport green coffee, is the perfect choice for filling up with books, groceries and random knick-knacks.Shop here

3. Ethiopia Pack: A combo pack that includes some of my favorite coffees of all time. Impress your friends, get them some Ethiopian beans. Shop here