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Barista Gift Guides



1. Classic Chemex: Looking for something for that new love in your life? Nothing says "wake up before me and make me some coffee" like the classic Chemex! Its delicious design and sturdy construction make it perfect for that special someone that you want to make you coffee every morning. Shop here

2. Tube Set: This is a great way to experience new coffee and to experience how it can vary in taste and body depending on region. It's a great stocking-stuffer! Shop here

3. Coffee Survivor Kit: I would never buy myself something like this, but if I got it as a gift? I WOULD BE STOKED! Shop here


1. Turkish Coffee Pot: To me, the most important thing about coffee is the universality of the ritual. My dad's side of the family is Greek and I have vivid childhood memories of drinking this incredibly intense coffee out of teeny-tiny cups. This makes a fantastic gift for anyone because it's not just a way to brew coffee. Like a fireplace or a kitchen table, it's representative of the small, warm place that is the center of the home.Shop here

2. Pure Black T-Shirt: My favorite piece of La Colombe swag. It’s the perfect add-on gift for anyone who appreciates coffee and the pure joy of a comfy t-shirt. You know, the important things in life.Shop here

3. Glass Keep Cup: So many of us take such care in preparing our coffee, and the cup we drink it from should reflect that. This is a great gift for your favorite eco-warrior who wants to prevent excess waste from paper to-go cups! Shop here


1. Silverton Brewer: This is such a beautiful gift for a coffee lover. I use it in the cafe every day and still wouldn't mind having one at home for personal use. I like that you can also use it for steeping loose-leaf tea!Shop here

2. Bonavita Kettle: However you brew at home, the Bonavita electric kettle is essential to good coffee. It's so quick to reach the temperature you want, and that gooseneck spout really lets the hot water dance over your coffee grounds.Shop here

3. Gibraltar Set: These glasses are awesome. At home, you’re probably going to want to use them for rum or something boozy because they have the perfect weight and design that really classes up whatever you're drinking.Shop here


1. Dove Canteen: The Dove Canteen's simple and polished design is easily a crowd pleaser. The size makes it convenient to carry around or fit into small bags and purses. Tip: Bundle it with the matching and cozy La Colombe Dove Thermal for a nice winter package.Shop here

2. Hario Skerton Coffee Mill: This makes a charming and inexpensive gift that ensures no loved one is without freshly ground coffee. It's lightweight, portable, and the grind size is easily adjustable. It lends a pleasant quality and recognition of the basic coffee making ritual. Shop here

3. Chemex Starter Kit: The Chemex Starter Kit is an all-around great gift for anyone who wants to taste the nuances of single-origin coffee or perfect their Chemex pourover technique. It's a generous gift, and a good way to help someone expand their home-brewing experience. Shop here